Warranty Policy

  • All labor performed is warrantied for 180 days
  • All New parts installed are warrantied for 180 days
  • All NOS (new old stock) tubes are warrantied for 15 days
  • All used parts are sold as is without warranty
  • All shipping in bound and out bound is at customer cost in and out of warranty
  • All special order books, parts, and equipment which are used or rebuilt, by other suppliers are sold as is and do not carry any warranty by us
  • Research work is not refundable
  • Any special order new parts, books, and manuals carry manufacturer's original warranty. Any returns are accepted according to original supplier's policy
  • Any new parts, books, and manuals in stock will carry a 15 day return policy. Receipt required, all items must be in original packing and undamaged

Limited Warranty Policy

For a period of 180 days from the date of pickup, or 5 days from the shipping date any repair or calibration as covered by this policy and as specified within this limited warranty is covered. I will correct any problem that occurs that is directly related to the work performed in the original repair/calibration. In some cases with limitations, I may correct any un-related defect/problem that may be in the tester if such defect was present when it was in for initial repair and missed by me the first time. Such coverage is subject to verification and proof that the defect was previously in the tester at the time of original repair. I will correct any defect/problem which resulted directly from my previous repair activity, but such work will be limited to the actual defect/problem only. Electrical leakage is not covered under this warranty unless it was one of the original problems requested to be correct in the original repair.

What is Covered:

All work (labor) performed in the original repair and any new parts installed are covered. This includes any new meters, transformers, and wafer switches. Calibration is covered. Labor to replace any resistor or capacitor that was checked and found to be within original specifications during the original repair is covered. The Labor to replace any resistor or capacitor which previously tested good (and has not been damaged due to misuse or mis-operation) is covered, but such parts themselves are not covered. New Old Stock (NOS) tubes have a 15 day warranty . Tube socket policy: Cleaning of, and tightening up of old tube sockets is covered to the extent of re-cleaning or re-tightening of the socket only. Meter repair warranty is limited to correcting broken plastic or mountings of the internal movement holders previously repaired by me, or to the replacement of any internal physical resistor replaced by me, and to the electrical connections within the meter housing up to the meter movementcoil repaired by me.

What is not Covered:

Old, used parts and rebuilt/refurbished parts have no warranty! Resistors and capacitors previously checking good, but have become bad are not covered, but the labor to replace them is covered. Tube sockets that have not been replaced with new sockets are not covered. This is due to the fact there is no way to know the life or potential usage left in an old tube socket. Sockets are subject to normal wear from inserting and removing tubes. Leakage within the tester not having been in the original complaint/symptom of repair is not covered. Electrical leakage (tubes tested show leakage or shorts) or similar such leakage is not covered unless it was in the original complaint/symptom and service request. All meters are not covered, any and all transformers are not covered, all switches are not covered nor is the labor to replace any of these items covered, unless they were replaced as NEW in the original repair. NOS tubes past 15 days or that are physically broken or have been damaged due to mis-operation, handling or improper testing are not covered. Warranty is void if the unit is misused, abused or has been tampered with. Modified units after repair by anyone other than Roger Kennedy (Vintage Radio TV and Electronics) are not covered.

Meter Repair and Cleaning:

Meter cleaning is covered to the extent that the meter requires additional cleaning. Meter repair is covered only to the extent of correcting any previous meter repair performed by me from the original repair action only. Any other meter defects or problems are not covered.

Shipping Damage

I am not responsible and will not cover any damage caused due to transportation of the product to and/or from my address/service location!

Warranty Ownership

This warranty is made to the original customer only, and is not transferable to any one else except by the written permission of Roger Kennedy and payment of a transfer fee to Roger Kennedy only. The current transfer fee can be found at www.alltubetesters.com under the repairs page.

Warranty Transfer

All my repair/calibration work has a 180 day limited warranty. This warranty is provided to the original customer only. A warranty transfer fee may be made directly paid to me to transfer the balance of the warranty with 60 days of additional time added to the current warranty balance, where the current balance is less than 60 days. All terms and conditions in the orignal warranty apply.

$20 Transfer fee

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty is on a case by case basis. Please ask for details.