Repair Process

Here is a basic overview of my work-flow process:
  1. Testers are received and a work order is written by hand.
  2. Work order is entered into the computer and placed in order by date and in queue for evaluation.
  3. Tester is evaluated, problems and specifications noted, estimate notes made. Information is entered into the computer and a formal estimate is prepared and sent to customer. 2 day process after initial tester evaluation. Tester is back in queue waiting for approval.
  4. Estimate approved or refused by customer.
  5. Tester in queue for repair if repair is approved. Repair is performed and completed unless parts are required, major refurbishing was requested, upgrade is requested, or in the event an unusual defect is encountered during the repair process which may require more man hours to correct (like leakage). If no parts or special services required, skip to #7 below
  6. Parts ordered or special materials and work required to repair parts or make parts is scheduled or ordered, back in queue.
  7. All adjustments and calibration performed, often same day or next day depending on timing.
  8. Tester is then checked for full specifications and documented.
  9. Tester is then in queue waiting the 4 hour burn in/aging process. Average one per day, maximum two per day for burn in. A minimum of 4 hour aging/burn-in and operational testing is performed. Final calibration and re-test of all specifications and documentation of test results is done after the 4 hours. Tester is completed if it passes all the tests and the results are compared to the results obtained after its earlier repair and calibration are all correct!*
  10. Tester is assembled and a final QC test document is performed to insure nothing went wrong during the final assembly.
  11. Invoice is completed and customer notified that the tester is ready!

* This is a major bottleneck as I can only age two testers at the most, but usually only one at a time due to limited space and manpower. This step can not be performed at the start of a job as it causes a much larger back log situation.

This is only a simple description of the work flow process but it should give you some idea of the detail and steps I go through to get the job done right the first time!

Important details about my services.

About Me

My name is Roger Kennedy and I have over 35 years experience in servicing radios, TV's, tube testers and other related electronics equipment.

I have been in electronics since age 14, having begun repairing radios and TV's for neighbors when I was in junior high school. My father was also an electronics engineer and this is where my interest began. In my early years my parents petitioned the local school board to allow me to take adult education classes in electronics at night while still in junior high school. Again, they got the local school board to allow me to attend city college at night during my highschool years, and to work in an electronics shop after daily classes in high school. While attending college I began my first business in electronics. I started a repair business servicing radio, TV, pro-audio, and the new video tape recording systems. Seven years later I went to work for a major well known electronics manufacturer. During my 17 years with this company I continued to own and operate a small side business with the approval of my employer, repairing antique electronic equipment. When the oppurtunity came, I left the employment of this firm and once again focused full time on my own business, that of repairs of antique radios and tube testers.

I have previously held membership in the following professional organizations:

  • SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers)
  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers)
  • CET (Certified Electronic Technician)

Califorina Bureau of Electronic & Appliance Repair registration number: E 80662

Shop Tour

Take a brief tour of my workshop and some of the equipment used.