Alltubetesters specializes in repairing, calibrating and upgrading tube testers. We also sell parts and occasionally testers, as well as provide helpful information regarding tubes, testers, and testing.
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Repair Service and Calibration
These services are for repairing and calibrating tube testers to good working order. This includes several services such as basic tube tester repair, calibration, refurbishment and restorations.
The upgrade features I provide are for improving the performance of older tube testers. To allow for more accurate test results, reliability, and for providing improved features to allow the user to perform additional tests not available on his model at the time.
Parts and Bogey Tubes
Several parts are available for sale to replace bad or broken parts as well as improving the general quality of your tester. This includes many new meters, reference Bogey tubes, lamps, and other parts.

Typical Tube Tester Models Serviced

I service select models of tube testers. You can review my service pricing list which is also available here as a PDF.

Common Hickok models

Hickok: 530, 531, 532, 533, 533A, 534, 534A/B, 536, 538, 539A, 539B, 539C, 540, 545, 546, 547, 547A, 580, 580A, 600, 600A, 605, 605A, 700, 750, 752, 752A, 799, 800, 800A, 820, 6000, 6000A, 6000B, 6005
Stark: 8-77, 9-66, Philco 9100
Western Electric: K5-13588-L1, K5-15750, K5-15560-L1

Military model series:

I-177, I-177A, I-177B, TV-2, TV-3, TV-4, TV-7, TV-10

Cardmatic models:

No longer service these testers

Other popular makes & models (Limited to these):

Triplett: 3444, 3444A, 3423, 3413A\B, 3414
Sencore: MU140, MU150
B&K: 747, 747B, 700, 707, 685, 610, 650, 675, 500, 550
Weston: 686-10A, 981-1, 981-2, 981-3, 978, 686-9
Jackson: 658, 648R, 561, 648P, 648S, 598
Heath: IT-1A, IT-1

Laboratory models:

No longer provide service on laboratory testers

Other Makes

Mercury and Eico (limited models)